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Semaj Pennix

Semaj Pennix is an artist who has been singing and making music all of his life. Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, he began honing his craft during his early years in grade school and in his church. He got his first introduction into studio recording by his brother, Nick Day and began working on original music with him in his company, "Back Yard Entertainment". Those were among his fondest memories.
Semaj went on to grow musically in groups like Grimsley High School's Madrigals, as well as the Lake Junaluska Singers.
Influenced by the music of singers like Greensboro's Victorious Glorylanders (his father's singing group), Boys 2 Men, Rachelle Ferrell, D'angelo, Lauren Hill, Kirk Franklin, and Luther Vandross, Semaj began to form his own musical identity. He received his Bachelors in Music Education from Pfeiffer University and his Masters Degree in Worship and Ethnomusicology from Liberty University. While at Pfeiffer, Semaj focused on learning more about vocal techniques, singing, and music composition. He furthered his knowledge of worship music and music from other cultures (Ethnomusicology) during his time at Liberty University. He has always enjoyed pursuing his interests as a recording artist. He has sang on a number of different projects and is an active songwriter and musician. More than anything, Semaj loves the Lord. Every week he is active as a lead musician and worship leader in his church. He has served as Minister of Music for Churches in multiple Virginia cities, and has also served as piano teacher and vocal coach for different Music Stores. He is a minister and musician in his church and also holds a Virginia teaching License. Semaj has been teaching Public School Music for 15 years. All the while he’s been singing and playing piano for different churches, weddings, and community events. He enjoys sharing his love of music with whoever he can. Semaj Pennix started his private School of Music, Studio Of Semaj (SOS Music LLC) in December of 2014. Here, he began offering Piano, Vocal, and Guitar lessons. He also began Music Production and offering Studio Recording sessions under the umbrella of this business venture. Today, he continues to equip his students to realize their full musical potential. He in turn, encourages them to produce this same level of dedication in other areas of their lives. His goal is to give people an outlet to express themselves and to brighten someone else’s day.
Each year, Semaj holds an annual music recital with the students of his private business in order for them to gain performance experience and public speaking skill. In the midst of each music venture, Semaj values his family above all. He enjoys hanging out with his kids and facing the joys of life with his wife and best friend. Through it all, Semaj is God fearing, hard working, and committed to making someone else smile. He is always working on new Gospel music, and expecting even greater things to come.

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